Meeting customized requirements for various grades of Industrial Acids.

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Rudra International Co.
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Meeting customized requirements for various grades of Industrial Acids.
About Us

We at Rudra International Co. believe in acting with integrity and sharing our expertise as an Industrial Acid manufacturer and wholesaler with interested clients from all over India. Adopting new technology and production processes, we develop many grades of acids, including DL Tartaric Acid, DL Malic Acid and Anhydrous Citric Acid. We strike viable relations with many clients by ensuring the people we recruit and retain as a part of our team can deliver acid solutions that bring efficiency to various processes. Our focused workforce employing the most pragmatic formulation and product marketing strategies offer acids at low cost as per changing market needs. They maintain clear dialogue with our clients and remain responsive to all their needs for pure and effective Industrial Acids even in bulk.

Environmental Sensitivity

As we manufacture acids in bulk, we never lose sight of our environmental goals. We always work complying with the highest ethical standards as we formulate acids for various industrial uses and applications. We also engage with the community and our partners and stakeholders in a transparent manner. Our aim is to always please these associates by creating better quality products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Why Choose Us?

We pride on the following strengths that help us flourish in the industrial acid manufacturing field:

  • Our People: We have no dearth of opportunities for the right people. Freshers and experienced people from various backgrounds work with us as a strong team. We have appointed many trainees, technicians, engineers, researchers and quality auditors who assist us with their broad range of skills.
  • Our Facilities: We have two fully furnished production plants where we optimally harness our capability of acid production. We have high volumes tanks, blenders, mixing vessels, agitators, and other process equipment, which aid us produce unfailing quality DL Tartaric Acid, Anhydrous Citric Acid, DL Malic Acid, etc., in right volumes and quality.
  • Our Values: Core values like work accountability, business transparency, right team spirit and manufacturing innovation have always guided us as a longstanding business. All these values define our company and contribute to its success in the industrial acid manufacturing sector.
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